The "Guardian" Pediatric Restraint System is much more than just an attendant seat. The Guardian was designed from the ground up as a complete seating and restraint system for all ages. It eliminates the need to carry infants unrestrained, place larger children in adult restraints that don’t fit, or use seats that aren’t designed or tested for ambulance use.

It is difficult to compare the Guardian to other attendant seats since they are so different in design, construction and capability. Child passenger safety is the first area where it is very different from other seats.  While there are some attendant seats that do have built in child seating, they only restrain children from 20 to 50 lbs. That leaves no way to safely retrain infants and larger children without carrying two additional seats. Even if a service is willing to purchase the additional seats, there are still a number of issues. Belt in car seats are designed and tested to ensure the safe restraint of children only in forward facing passenger vehicle seats. There is no place in most ambulances to correctly install the seats and be sure that the child will be safe and that the agency will not be exposed to liability from incorrect use. The additional seats also require extra storage space and training for ambulance personnel.

While the infant and child safety aspects of Guardian Safety Seat get the most attention, it has also been designed from the ground up to be a complete safe seating system for all ages including adults. Most attendant seats are designed and built to meet the minimum standards for use forward facing in passenger cars and trucks. They are not designed or tested to protect the adult attendant in a rear facing position they way they are used in an ambulance. The crash dynamics and forces exerted on the body are very different in a rear facing position where the seat has to absorb the full impact of the body, as opposed to a forward facing position where the body moves away from the seat and deceleration is provided by the belt system. The Guardian has been crash tested both forward and rear facing to address the realities of ambulance use.

The Guardian Safety Seat meets or exceeds all applicable FMVSS and KKK standards,and may be ordered in new ambulances or installed as a replacement in many existing vehicles.

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