Our Mission Statement

"Serenity Safety Products is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and products that address the safety concerns of today, while advancing the safety standards for tomorrow"

About Us

At Serenity Safety Products, our unique company focus is on safe transportation for all ages in the emergency, automotive, and aviation industries. Serenity Safety Products is committed to being a leader not only in the development of new and innovative products, but also in developing safety standards for child transportation in ambulances. Serenity Safety Products is dedicated to developing solutions that will not only potentially save lives, but also bring comfort to those responsible for the safety of our children.

The Serenity Safety Products “Guardian Safety Seat” was inspired by a recognized need for a safe method of restraining infants and children quickly, securely, and easily in emergency vehicles. The safety seat design was born from the experience of Paramedic/Firefighters who were challenged with limited infant and child ambulance transport options, combined with the expertise of award winning designers and engineers. In addition to EMS expertise, Serenity Safety Products has made it a priority to incorporate the knowledge of the child passenger safety community into our designs. We actively consult with some of the leading experts in the field, and also have our own CPS Technician in house.